About Eric and E Family Games

Paul, Eric and Jennifer SchadtEric loves board games! In fact he prefers them to video games because he loves having the family together. It is Eric who always asks the family to play a game. So it was only natural when he was given the opportunity to choose the form of his 4th grade science project that he made a board game. The game was so popular that his dad suggested he start a company that helps protect endangered animals.

Eric loved the idea and his brother and sister Paul and Jennifer joined the team. At age 10 Eric formed Family Games and added three more members to the team. His dad, who runs Revive Family and formerly ran a licensed goods company TimeZone, Inc., Diane Gamlem of Gamlem Design & Consulting and Kerry Townsend of SonFisher Web Studios. Together this team developed Saving Eagles and eight other endangered animal games over the next three years, with plans to make many more. Join Eric and his team in helping protect endangered animals and their habitat by becoming an Family Web Champion or buying a game today.