Why I Choose the Philippine Eagle

For my fourth grade science project we had to pick an endangered animal to either do a poster board, diorama or a board game with. I love playing games with the family. This is why I thought the board game would be fun to make.

Then I needed to choose an animal so I did some research and found the Philippine Eagle.  At that time there were about 600 of them left. Now there are only 400. I chose the Philippine Eagle because it is an interesting bird, it can eat monkeys and it has a 6 to 7 foot wingspan. Also it has these feathers on the side of its head that pop out witch makes it look like it has a lions main witch makes it more majestic.

The reasons they are critically endangered are:

  • They mate for life
  • Build a nest and stay in that same tree their entire lives
  • Have offspring every other year
  • Live only in the Philippines
  • Their habitat on the Philippine Islands is shrinking

I want to help save them because they are the national bird, they do not eat fish and are so majestic! It would be sad to think that they are no longer on the planet. This is the reason I am tying to help save the Philippine Eagle.  Please join me by signing up for our newsletter, following me on Facebook and Instagram.