Saving Eagles Test at Riverview Elementary

What a great day!  After getting my principals approval I took my game to Riverview to see what other kids think about my game Saving Eagles. I invited classmates to miss lunch recess to test my game. My dad helped me invite the social media team with our school district to take pictures and interview me about the game. This was the first time we tested the game with kids my age and I was really excited to see their reactions.  

We started out the test with my dad surprising us with pizza we ate and laughed and were all happy when we pulled out the game. My friends were like you made that! It looks amazing.  So then they were eager to play so we had to start right away. When the game started out everybody was drawing cards, moving forwards and backwards, laughing, learning and having a great time. 

Halfway through the game I had to do an interview with the school districts media representative.  So my sister took over for me in the game. I had to answer so many questions my voice was half gone, but it was fun.  When I got back my sister had gotten one of the bad cards so I was far behind and needed to catch up! By the end of the game I had caught up and had a chance to win. During the game my friends said, this is fun, how did you come up with this, the eagles can catch a small deer, when can I get this for my family. Days after the lunch test my friends were asking me to bring the game back so they could play again.   Each day one of them would ask for me to bring it back and he kept asking me until school was out for the summer.

The test really helped me gain confidence that I made a good game, that I could represent it to media people and that we could raise funds to help save the Philippine Eagle. Please support my game when we launch on kickstarter July 25th. Search Saving Eagles to find our kickstarter page.

Thank you,